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絕對零度的直白 The Confession of Absolute Zero

The Confession of Absolute Zero 17-6



The white space bridges the life and its whereabouts; it is the channel between emotional awareness and rational consciousness. It is also the center of flux. In fact, the barely perceptible existence of the white space interprets the light and shadow from time to time, reflecting every single ever changing moment throughout the life. To grasp the beam or capture the shade; to feel the virtual or sense the real; the white space is always there, loaded with the weights of life and embracing the changes of it.


絕對零度是理論上低溫的極限,實際上卻是個永遠無法到達不存在的概念,只能無限逼近,直白則是少了修辭與裝飾的坦率誠實。有距離地介入現實是自身長期以來與外在環境對話的方式與態度,創作則是思辯生命課題過程中所留下的痕跡與記錄。將感受與經驗轉譯為詩性抽象的有機空間承載現實的重量,在社會機制運行的軌道和秩序中,試圖重新理解與定義自我存在的所屬座標,尋找生命真實的可能 性輪廓。

生活中的難處,可否用嘴角蜿蜒的弧度來承接。面對生命的沈重,試圖以一種輕盈的姿態跳躍,面對社會集體意識的霸權框架與過度擴張的理性,反以直覺與感性作回應。純白的詩性空間是個有生命的載體,脫離傳統的敘事框架與故事性,保留被直觀的魅力,承接遊走在感知與認知間的無以名狀。在現實與真實世界的虛實交錯間,試圖以空間的流動性、包容性與可能性消弭沈重現實的固定邊界,讓生命原初的純粹本質與游移擴張的自由, 成為一種堅持與信仰。

The candidness of Absolute Zero


Absolute zero is the lowest possible theoretical temperature that is never actually attainable. It is a point that can be approached but never actually reached. Being candid is about speaking plainly and bluntly without censoring one’s words with euphemisms. I render my perception and experience of this world in a lyrical and abstract organic dimension. Within the constrains of the realities of life, I attempt to reinterpret and redefine the bearings of existence and to discover the boundaries of truth.

When faced with obstacles in life, we try to effortlessly leap across while maintaining a dignified smile on one’s face. When faced with societal impositions and a sense of exaggerated rationality, we instead react with intuition and sensibility. Space is a medium of life. Departing from a narrative structure and a chronicle framework, I embrace the anonymity that straddles between awareness and thoughts. In the liminal border between reality and mind, I submerge fluidity, inclusiveness and uncertainty into the pre-existing frontiers. I bring the freedom of movement to the primordial nature of the materials. It’s my insistence and my faith.


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